Empowering a More Sustainable Future through Copper Exploration & Development

Why Lion CG?

Clean Energy Begins with Copper

As the world shifts away from a carbon-based economy, there is unprecedented growth in demand for metals worldwide. In response, Lion CG is leveraging its world class leadership in domestic copper exploration and its potential world class assets to help create a cleaner, brighter future.

It’s not enough to develop the supply of metals that will shape the future—a future that cannot happen without copper; it is imperative to do so in the right way—one that is sustainable long-term, supports local communities, cares for the environment, builds the global economy, and accelerates the transition to a low carbon world.

We’re working hard with our partners, local communities, and governmental agencies to courageously build a future in which our copper enables a better, more sustainable world driven by continued advances in electric vehicle technology, clean, renewable energy sources, and advanced materials for the sake of our communities and our environment.

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MacArthur Copper Project

Located in Mason Valley, Nevada, 50 miles southeast of Reno, the MacArthur Project is a large oxide copper deposit which was previously active in the 1990s. In addition to the oxide resource that is the focus of ongoing study and permitting efforts, the MacArthur sulfide resource remains open in most directions and is the subject of ongoing growth through exploration. 

With a goal to minimize the carbon footprint of our business as a part of the renewable energy economy, we will evaluate electrification of equipment, on site solar power generation, and other technologies as we advance the MacArthur Project. Water is also a critical resource in the desert climate of Mason Valley, so creative water conservation measures will be incorporated into our project, including recycling water in the processing facilities so that we will be a ‘zero-discharge’ operating mine.

We recognize our responsibility in having the largest land position in the Mason Valley district, which includes a large metal endowment with numerous other known copper deposits. We appreciate that our role in the local community carries the responsibility of good stewardship, which includes constructive engagement with the local tribes.

Mason Valley Exploration Program (Feb. 10, 2023)

MacArthur Asset Presentation

MacArthur Technical Report

* All technical reports for the company are available on www.sedar.com

Empowering a More Sustainable World


Clean energy begins with copper and a commitment to sustainable exploration and development of world class assets.

Our Approach

In order to create a more sustainable future, we are committed to sustainable processes that minimize impact on the natural environments and support the communities around them.


We are committed to an approach we call “Conservation by Design,” applying best practices, sound science, and state-of-the-art technology to the design and operation of our mining projects for minimal emissions and water conservation.


We are committed to creating opportunities and value for the communities in which we work by engaging with them early and often in the mining process.


We are committed to the guidance of all regulations and the highest standards of safety, environmental, financial, and business ethics.


We are committed to transparent engagement with the communities that will drive a process of continuous improvement.

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